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New Merchandise! Get your Flatt Lonesome “Farewell for Now” Today!

Flatt Lonesome – Farewell For Now Bundle
Includes T-Shirt & Ball Cap
$51.10 (incl. S&H) 
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Flatt Lonesome – Farewell For Now T-Shirt
Comfort Color – Blue Jean
100% Cotton

$29.50 (incl. S&H)


Flatt Lonesome – Farewell For Now
Ball Cap
$34.75 (incl. S&H) 


Silence In These Walls2017
1. All My Life
2. It’s Just Sad
3. Build Me A Bridge
4. I’m Not Afraid To Be Alone
5. Cry Oh Cry
6. Draw Me Near
7. Where Do You Go
8. Highway Of Pain
9. Gently Please Tell Me Goodbye
10. Happy ‘Til He Comes
11. Falling
12. You’re The Reason

$17.99 (incl. S7H)



Flatt Lonesome Too 2015
1. So Far

2. Make It Through The Day
3. Dangerous Dan
4. Never Let Me Go
5. Slowly Getting You Out Of The Way
6. I Can’t Be Bothered
7. He Still Hears
8. It’s Probably Just Her Memory Again
9. Letters Have No Arms
10. I’m Ready Now
11. I Thought You Were Someone I Knew
12. How Long

$17.99 (incl. S&H)


Flatt Lonesome – Runaway Trains

Runaway Train2016
1. You’ll Pay
2. Still Feeling Blue
3. You’re The One
4. In The Heat Of The Fire
5. Don’t Come Running
6. In The Morning
7. Road To Nottingham
8. New Leease On Life
9.  Casting All Your Cares On Him
10. Mixed Up Mess Of A Heart
11. Letting Go
12. Runaway Train

$17.99 (incl. S&H) 



Flatt Lonesome 2014
1. You’ll Get No More Of Me

2. Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger
3. Just Any Moment

4. One Foot In The Grave
5. Draggin’ My Heart Around
6. My Favorite Memory
7. I’m Blue
8. Jackson
9. I’d Miss You
10. The Right Side
11. Boondocks

$17.99 (incl. S&H)

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